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Steph Campbell Jennifer Genova Heroes Hall DMs M.Cullinan

So You Want to Use Educational TTRPGs! Now What?

A presentation by Steph Campbell , Heroes Hall DMs M.Cullinan and Jennifer Genova

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About this Event

Find out how to get your applied TTRPG proposal accepted by your school or program from three educators who have done just that! This talk covers grade school education through higher ed applications and subjects to be discussed range from arts and history to math and engineering.


·     Explain how to propose a TTRPG curriculum for approval.

·     Demonstrate topics proposed for TTRPG applications.

·     Discuss methods for gradual proposal integration.

·     Discuss evaluation and output methods for TTRPG programs.


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April 21, 2024, 09:30 PM

Applied TTRPG

09:30 PM - 11:00 PM

About The Presenters

Steph Campbell

Steph Campbell

creator, owner, TTRPGkids

Heroes Hall DMs M.Cullinan

Heroes Hall DMs M.Cullinan

Great Brook School

Middle School DMs who lead their peers in a 45+ kid DnD Club

Jennifer Genova

Jennifer Genova

Published Educational Researcher, Middle School Teacher & Theater Director with 13 years experience, Professional Nerd