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The Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming Summit (TAGGS) is a live professional conference celebrating the world of helping professionals and educators who use Geek and Gaming culture in their work.

Many of us have presented our work at professional and pop culture conferences around the world, and we thought it was time to have our own.

Our inaugural theme in 2021 was "Community: Everyone Has a Seat at the Table" and we continue to welcome all paraprofessionals, educators, practitioners, students, game designers, and content creators to share their expertise and learn from each other.

We acknowledge the wealth of professionals engaging in this work and the unique approaches they offer. It is vitally important to this emergent field to create an event promoting discussion and sharing of ideas to propel the field forward.

TAGG Summits, like all professional conferences, have workshops from morning to afternoon… and like all gaming and pop culture conventions, we will be playing games and geeking out all night. (Please note: Geeking out is permitted and encouraged during the day.)

TAGGS was originally created in 2021 as a collaboration between The Bodhana Group and Geek Therapy. 

Geek Therapy

Geek Therapy is a nonprofit that believe that the best way to understand each other, and ourselves, is through the games and media we care about.

Since 2011, Geek Therapy has advocated for the effective use of popular media in therapeutic, educational, and community practice, providing education and resources so practitioners can better understand the communities they serve.

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