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Karl Custer

Batman Vs Just Us

A presentation by Karl Custer Jr (Uncle Yo, Anime Therapist)

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About this Event

This semi-comedic lecture looks at poverty's relationship to national statistics of recidivism within the justice system through the imaginary gaze of Gotham City. What are the macro policies that can reduce criminal behavior in lower-income communities, and why is billionaire Bruce Wayne in a better position to reduce criminal behavior than Batman? How are American cities redesigning themselves to outlaw homeless citizens? Do cash incentives and after-school programs do the same amount of public good as a $1,000 Batarang? How many buses and paramedic units does it take to fund one Batmobile?

Learning Objectives

1) Learn the national statistics of the US prison system

2) Learn the physiological, communal and spiritual costs of poverty as witnessed in America

3) Learn from UBI and public-funded experimental housing practices that HAVE reduced homelessness in the past, and where they experiments are today.

4) Learn the structured systems, both public and private, that prevent poverty-stricken communities from achieving middle class living standards.

April 20, 2024, 11:15 PM

Geek Out. Do Good.

11:15 PM - 12:45 AM

About The Presenters

Karl Custer

Karl Custer Jr

Uncle Yo, Anime Therapist

Social Work Case Manager for Unhoused Older Adults, Trauma-Informed TA-TTRPG GM, Therapist for socio-economically-strained older adults